Life Among the Wonders of Nature. Preserved Forever.

A lush, green forest, birds calling a few feet from your doorstep, and the shimmering blue waters of a pristine inland lake visible from your window. Properties like this are hard to find, but even more rare are exceptional places of this sort that include permanent legal protection of their natural beauty. Peaceful, unspoiled places like these aren't for just anyone, but for Kathie and Larry Davidson, moving to the shores of Nameless Lake on Manitoulin Island in 2001 brought them exactly what they were looking for.


Since then, the Davidsons have built and lived in a wonderful home on their treasured land, but now the time has come for the place to be taken over by the right sort of new owners. Kathie and Larry love their natural, protected surroundings more than ever, but they're selling because they want to move closer to their daughter in Southern Ontario. Places like this hardly ever come up for sale. Watch the video below and see for yourself what makes this property so exceptional.